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The Fulcrum

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

It's all about balance. Our bodies work hard to find balance, or homeostasis, which is not much more than our body trying to find balance with what we give or do to it. Exercise or lack of, eating right or lack of, mental health or lack of, etc. My blogs will be about balance, finding that spot between who we are and who we want to be and moving that fulcrum closer and closer to center. Enjoy them and if something resonates please provide your comments and thoughts. I love the dialog and interaction! With that said, lets jump right in to my first blog post!

I found my motivation which led to my discipline. What comes first? How does it happen? Does it stick? Its a good story and one most people can relate to. Whether you admit it to others at least admit it to yourself. You may not even know you are searching. You may not even be thinking about longevity at this point in your life. So lets step back to understand where I am coming from today and why I am passionate about helping others with their health.

It wasn’t until age 59 that I unknowingly started down that road and not until age 63 to find the motivation I needed to make impactful changes in my life. I’m happy that I found it; I just wish it hadn’t taken so long.

My journey made me realize that there must be thousands like me – those who unknowingly are on that path. An event, an experience planted the seed and opened my mind so I became receptive to new ideas and approaches to my health. Eventually exposing a door that leads to health, happiness and strength and a path to longevity I can enjoy both physically and mentally.

Everyone wants that – right?

There are 3 ways we can live our lives – to its maximum length while being able to enjoy it physically and mentally, to its maximum length but either physically or mentally (or tragically both) not able to enjoy it. Or, to just die younger than you have to by living the lifestyle you want now knowing it could put you in an early grave.

No one is interested in option 2. The horrors of being dependent, losing life’s savings, imposing on family members in a way that challenges their lives, there is nothing pretty about option 2.

Unfortunately, there is a high risk that living the lifestyle you want now may not result in your early death, but could easily result in option 2. You don’t always have a say in the matter.

The path I started 7 years ago ultimately shined a light on option 1 and made it so obviously clear that it led to the motivation I needed which led to the discipline I needed. My mind, body and soul all aligned and intuitively and unwavering I knew I wanted to live option 1.

The Path. While it is different for everyone it isn’t hard to find or to follow. That is where this blog will focus, on discovering your path, finding your motivation and finding your discipline. I promise it isn’t as hard or overwhelming as you think.

I was there, I know. While I was probably always open to learning more about healthy lifestyles I just didn’t know how or where to start. It WAS overwhelming and just easier to live a very common lifestyle. One that included more of what I didn’t need and limited what I did need.

All it took was a simple comment from a customer and friend of mine, Pavel Schutlik (interestingly, years later we both became Wim Hof Method instructors). I wasn’t seeking this comment, my mind wasn’t searching for answers to a healthy lifestyle, I was just attending a Christmas event for his employees.

During the course of his talk to his employees he made a comment that had nothing to do with their business but caught my attention. He spoke about a book by Eckhart Tolle called The Power of Now. Pavel said it was all about living life in the present moment. A way to live your life that positively affects you and those around you.

I bought the book and realized it had a message I was ready to hear. The philosophy of Tolle made sense and I began trying to incorporate into my life. Just be present.

This opened my mind to new ideas, to new approaches to life and gently started me down a path I didn’t even know I was on.

My goal is to encourage self-reflection for my readers which leads to recognition, then motivation and then commitment to improve your health. That is my commitment; together we will ensure each other a longer, healthier and happier balance of our lives. I’ve walked the path and know that I can help others achieve the same results.

Let’s walk together. I would love to hear comments about your experiences and with the realization that your health and long term prospects will improve when you decide they will.



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