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Mind Controls Matter

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Mission Statement and Services Offered

My goal is to help all of my clients live the healthiest lives they can.  A life you can enjoy both mentally and physically.  I teach simple tools to help you achieve, gain and maintain your wellbeing. 

In order to reach this goal I offer a variety of services.  From easy to learn yet powerful breath work techniques to helping my clients adopt and maintain lifestyle changes - for both personal and corporate wellness. 

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Wim Hof Method

Learn the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method - Breathing, Mind Set and the Cold to become happy, strong and healthy.

Oxygen Advantage

Learn the healthiest way to breathe 24 x 7 and boost your sports performance at the same time.

Corporate Wellness and Team Building

Give your employees the tools to become happy, strong and healthy to benefit themselves and your company.

And use the tools of the Wim Hof Method to strengthen your corporate teams.

​Lifestyle Change Coach and Speaker

Learn the tools to develop the necessary motivation and discipline to achieve your lifestyle and wellness goals.

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